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Wx solutions uses the right technology to create better workplace and user experiences.

Enhance Personal Safety, User Experiences & Efficiency

Workplaces and physical spaces across all types of organisations will require next-generation technology to fully realize the potential of the next normal. To ensure your readiness, you need to develop the right strategy and deploy the right technology for your spaces, people, and sustainability goals.

Wx [solutions], a Sodexo corp-up, can help you design the ideal tech infrastructure and analytics program for the future of your organisation. From environmental controls and safety monitoring to user experience and space utilisation, Wx solutions can do it all in ways that will protect the privacy, health and wellbeing of your people and the natural environment at the best cost.

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  • In-depth user experience assessments

  • Touchless technology to reduce infection risks while adding convenience

  • Digital solutions for indoor comfort, seat/room booking, wayfinding and access to a panel of services at the office, in mobility or at home

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User Experience


Key Points

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Space Utilization



  • Sustainability benchmarking & certification

  • Reduce energy consumption & costs

  • ° Shrink your carbon footprint


The technology and advice to transform your workplace.

Your Partner in Preparation

Use innovative technology and powerful analytics to lay the groundwork for a successful return to on-site activities and further optimization down the line.

  • Sensor solutions to monitor & control physical distancing in all areas of your workplace, and to provide real-time data to your employees

  • Space analytics solutions to help you optimize real estate footprint and indicate to your employees where they can work

Space Utilization

User Experience

  • Smart climate and environmental controls

  • Real-time monitoring of air quality, temperature, VOCs and more