Craft a Positive Welcome Back Experience

As businesses reopen their doors and employees resume their livelihoods outside their home environment, they will seek assurance that their employers are dedicated to sanitation and safety for everyone. Show your dedication to socially responsible business practices by giving your employees a welcome back to work package when they return to your building.

Help your employees focus on the tasks at hand, practice healthy hygiene habits and improve productivity with packages that include personal and workplace hygiene equipment and materials. Beyond cleanliness, this package helps employees feel in control, with a sense of responsibility for the hygiene their own work space.

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Prioritizing Health & Safety

These packages engage your employees, offer control over their personal work environment and can even decrease the amount of cleaning services needed when used consistently.

  • Welcome your employees back with a positive surprise

  • Positive messaging on care of individuals health & safety 

  • Offers a sense of control and assurance of cleanliness

Set a Positive Note & Build Confidence

Return to Work Preparation

Set a Positive Note & Build Confidence

Encourage a Healthy & Safe Lifestyle

Provide Access to Health & Hygiene Products

Companies who practice

well-designed social responsability can increase employee engagement up to 7.5%, increase employee productivity by 13% (Project ROI)

  • Packaging includes instructions for each product

  • Supports personal responsibility for one's desktop and workspace  

  • Can lead to long-term reduction of cleaning costs

Encourage a Healthy & Safe Lifestyle

  • Welcome back guide

  • Hygiene products

  • Health & Wellbeing related products

Provide Access to Health & Hygiene Products

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Source: IPSOS

39% of people are concerned about the safety of returning to work

Welcome Back to Work Packages



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