Touchless Technology

Sodexo can help select and install the touchless technology products that are best for you.

Safeguard Personal Health with Touchless Technology

Viruses, bacteria, and other infectious germs can be spread as people use commonly shared fixtures and amenities including faucets, water fountains and filling stations, and bathroom fixtures. With frequent, repeated use through the course of any given day, these high-touch surfaces can be challenging to keep clean and disinfected.

Sodexo can help you protect the health of your employees, students, and visitors by integrating touchless technology throughout your facilities. In conjunction with physical distancing and other safety measures, these innovative devices can significantly reduce infection transmission risks while enhancing personal convenience.

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  • Wall-mounted and freestanding hand-sanitizer dispensers  

  • Wall-mounted paper towel dispensers  

  • Door handle-mounted hand sanitizer-dispensers

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Touchless Hygiene Dispensers


Key Points

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Touchless Fountain & Water-Filling Stations

Touchless Fixtures

Touchless Hygiene Dispensers

  • Automate experience with sensor-enabled fixtures  

  • Prevent cross-contamination  

  • Conserve energy and utilities

  • Gather data on usage

Touchless Fixtures

Touchless technology provides hands-free operation for enhanced safety and convenience. 

Improve Protection & Productivity 

In the wake of COVID-19, touchless technology is becoming an important way to weave health safeguards into everyday routines without disrupting productivity. Partnering with Sodexo to install this innovative equipment is a smart way to improve productivity and user-satisfaction.

  • Reduce infection exposure risks  

  • Support healthy lifestyles with
    convenient 24/7 access to hydration  

  • Promote sustainability efforts by
    encouraging refills instead of single-use plastics

Touchless Fountain & Water-Filling Stations

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