Space Design & Management

We make enhanced efficiency and sustainability part of all our space management programs.

Make Your Spaces Work Better

During the transition to your next normal, the spaces throughout your locations will need to evolve alongside your changing processes and expectations. You might also need to rethink how much space and what type of space you need. As people return to your physical buildings, it is your responsibility to ensure the spaces that welcome them back are safe and optimized for everybody who uses them.

At Sodexo, we believe that spaces are made for people. That’s why we put people first with our user-experience approach to space management. To help you get the most function and user-friendliness from any environment, we use a variety of tools and methodologies including IoT-based space analytics solutions, user personas, consumer journey maps, experience design, consumer preference surveys and more

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  • IoT-based space analytics

  • Touchless experiences throughout spaces 

  • Digital apps and personal enablement tools

  • Smart building technology & strategy

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Key Points

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User Experience



  • Appropriate physical distancing & health and wellness layouts and floorplans  

  • On-site signages, visual cues, sanitization, health monitoring, and treatment spaces 

  • Process refinement for evolving public health best practices and protocols


Make your people feel safe, empowered and welcome

Fill Every Space with Human Potential

Make your spaces safe, right sized and welcoming places where people can be productive, healthy and reach their full potential.

  • In-depth user experience assessments  

  • Employee & visitor analytics 

  • Design strategy & consulting

User Experience