Reopen With Confidence

As you prepare to reopen, Sodexo offers a systematic approach to help you do so safely and confidently. It’s a thorough and a consultative approach that is customized to the unique requirements of your organisation, associates, customers and facilities. Using our proprietary approach developed with best-in-class practices gathered from our team of experts and experience with restarts around the world, you’ll receive advice, support and purposeful direction to manage the site comeback process smoothly.

We begin with a joint review to understand the essential services for you, supported by a risk assessment and a planning of the waves to welcome your employees; we then establish ad hoc solutions to mitigate for the potential risks your environment faces taking into account the level of capacity of your facility throughout the coming weeks. Your assigned Sodexo team will work with you through our clear restart framework process and help you address the needs and opportunities that arise in the new day-to-day operations.

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Creating the solution adapted to your level of risk

When we assess your risk, understanding service delivery before and after the impact, we establish not only how we can reopen and address the needs of our new reality but identify areas of opportunity to rethink the way services are delivered. 

  • Essential employee training  

  • Ensure employee safety  

  • Hygiene testing

  • Insight analysis and reports

Supervision and Reporting

Return to Work Preparation


Risk Assessment

Our Risk Awareness Matrix allows our team to identify the risk rate of the location given specific parameters.


Based upon the risk assessed in your facility and agreed with you, we provide the appropriate solution

Disinfection Solution Per Area


We will provide the right supervision model to ensure: Employee Training & Safety | Work Completion | Inspection Analysis & Reports



1. Touch Points disinfecting

2. Facility Hygiene Solutions


1. Spatial disinfecting

2. Deep cleaning & disinfection

3. Facility Hygiene Solutions


1. Spatial disinfecting

2. Deep cleaning & disinfection

3. Hygiene Testing

4. Facility Hygiene Solutions

3 Solutions To Respond To Different Levels of Risk

Risk assessment

Scenario preparation

Framework for Implementation and Control

High Risk

closed spaces, reengineer the service delivery, isolation protocols

Medium Risk

limit flows of people, minimize cross contamination, implement physical distancing

Low Risk

touch points disinfecting and facility hygiene solutions

We provide visibility and transparency of operations

with our award-winning Site Management System | "Best Enterprise Wide Transformation Project" during OPEX 2020

Establish Disinfection Solution for Every Level of Risk

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Processes that give you the confidence to say 

"Yes, it's time to open again."

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Risk Assessment Consulting