Usage Guidance for PPE & Hazardous Products

Teach your teams how to protect themselves and improve overall wellness.

Enhance Protection & Personal Safety

As your next normal takes shape, it’s important to make sure your employees, students, visitors understand how to correctly use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and hazardous products – and in which situations – to protect the health and wellbeing of themselves, their coworkers and the people they interact with. It is essential that they benefit from the right equipment and products to protect themselves.

Sodexo helps facilitate the success of your protection and prevention efforts with thoughtful training and promotional materials that can be used in conjunction with your established workplace protocols. We will work with you to develop the messaging, strategy and execution you need to shape proper behaviours, re-assess your service scope and supply-chain and manage the overall organisational changes required to build a healthier future for your business.

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  • Cleaner workspaces require less time to disinfect

  • Reduced labor costs

  • Less waste of valuable PPE and products

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Reduce Costs


Key Points

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Change Behaviours

Improve Effectiveness

Reduce Costs

  • Heightened awareness drives proper PPE and products use

  • Anticipate any shortage and provide alternative solutions

  • Cooperative community approach produces better results

Improve Effectiveness

Get your entire team involved in creating a healthier next normal.

Protection in Action

Providing the right tools to protect the health of your employees, partners and guests is only part of the infection prevention puzzle. Showing them how to use those tools correctly, but also which ones to use depending on the situation or level of risk brings it all together.

  • Provide materials and training to promote proper hygiene & healthy living

  • Inspire responsibility for own workplace and facilities

  • Raise awareness of the different solutions adapted to the level of risks

Change Behaviours

Verify the Safety of Your Operations

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