Changes to Support Physical Distancing

39% of employees are concerned about returning to work – illustrate your focus on safety

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For companies and organisations, the safety and security of the people who visit and work at their locations is top priority. As physical distancing becomes a routine part of our day-to-day operations, Sodexo helps you rise with confidence and assess the changes that could improve the health, wellbeing and confidence of everyone you serve. We provide a complete package to help you manage people’s behaviours and help build confidence around safe workspaces.

We take a systematic and consultative approach, crafting a plan with clear guidelines and processes to support our local on-site teams to answer the needs of both our clients and consumers. It starts with a risk analysis and review of your current processes to identify the changes that will make positive, meaningful impact, keeping individuals safe and your business operating at peak capacity.

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  • Establish entrance monitoring with security team

  • Camera installation to monitor building capacity 

  • Optimize reception protocols

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Improve Building Access Control


Key Points

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Reduce Contaminant Spread

Optimize Common Spaces and Circulation

Improve Building Access Control

  • Change seating arrangements to support 2 metre/6 foot distances

  • Establish foot traffic flow and guidelines

  • Post clear signage of physical distancing expectations

Optimize Common Spaces

Creating opportunity to build confidence and improve productivity

Providing a new way to interact
with each other

Day in and day out, our mission is to engage our clients, support them and provide new ways of circulating and interacting with each other in their environment. With our physical distancing support programme, every part of your facility will be analysed and solutions will be implemented to ensure limited proximity contacts.

  • Implement sneeze guards

  • Offer contactless payment  

  • Provide pre-packed food options

Reduce Contaminant Spread

Verify the Safety of Your Operations

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