New Shopping Experiences

Support your people with new, convenient
programs to make their day easier.

Limit Exposure Risk & Enhance Convenience

Social distancing is key to protecting the health of your people during these challenging times.

Smart ways to reduce exposure risk include mitigating or reducing the flow of consumer travel to food establishments outside the Sodexo site, and even within the walls of your own building.

Sodexo has developed 3 proprietary programs to make it easy and convenient for consumers to buy groceries and meals at your location, leveraging click & collect and click & delivery technology.

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Delivery On The Go


Key Points

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Grocery To Go

Meals To Go

Delivery On
The Go

Meals To Go

Offer New Shopping

As you define your next normal, offer your people access to new, convenient shopping options that enhance their onsite experience, and protect their wellbeing.

Grocery To Go

A selection of packaged items and grocery style products, offered through a variety of ordering systems and options, to help guests save trips to the grocery store.

A range of menus including Simply To Go pre-packaged products, Take Home Meals and Daily Chef Specials, offered through different ordering systems to help guests limit the number of trips to restaurants and other food outlets.

Simply To Go Meals and à la cart items offered through Click & Deliver to individual collection points, and supported by ordering systems including Web and Sodexo’s proprietary Bite Canada app.

With our To Go programs:

You can positively contribute to the quality of life of your employees by offering solutions that drive convenience and health & wellbeing.