HVAC Maintenance

Properly maintaining your HVAC systems with Sodexo is a smart way to increase fresh air and eliminate contaminants, while enhancing personal comfort and safety.

HVAC that Repairs the Air You Share

Viruses and bacteria that cause respiratory illnesses like COVID-19 are transmitted through tiny droplets in the air after people cough, sneeze, or simply breathe. This means that maintaining your HVAC systems and adhering to established infection prevention protocols can help you protect the health of everyone in your facilities. 

With our global expertise in facilities management and HVAC maintenance, we can help you ensure the quality of the air you share throughout your buildings. As your HVAC partner, we can supply you with equipment and service to ensure your systems operate properly, advanced filtering and UV cleaning technology that purify your air, and consultation on best practices for keeping the air you breathe as healthy as possible. Research shows that increasing fresh air in indoor spaces reduces COVID virus levels in ways that improve the effectiveness of cleaning and sanitizing procedures.

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  • Advice for no-cost air quality improvements  

  • System optimization to improve
    performance and efficiency  

  • Site audits and recommendations

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Key Points

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Air Cleaning


  • Air filtration and purification equipment 

  • Innovative, proven UVC air treatment systems

  • In-room and airstream-based solutions

Air Cleaning

A simple, free way to
improve air quality is to
open operable windows
and avoid recirculating air.

Breathe Easier with Sodexo

Our expert HVAC team can help you optimize your facility’s air quality. Better air quality is a key element for better quality of life inside and outside the workplace.

  • Routine and emergency HVAC maintenance, repair, and installation 

  • Advanced HVAC system sensors that provide real-time data and predictive maintenance  

  • Cloud-based data access and management


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