Health & Wellbeing Live Meetups

Nurturing personal connections in creative ways can improve your corporate culture and make it more resilient.

Building A Different Kind of Together

Your people are the heart and soul of your business. This means their health and wellbeing are essential to your success. After extended periods of working from home, employees may feel loneliness and pay less attention to their health & wellbeing. As you move forward to create your next normal, it’s important that your employees feel supported, encouraged and connected to one another.

Sodexo can help you develop, deploy and maintain a customized employee engagement platform to keep your employees engaged and in community together. Providing online social communities and opportunities for live virtual interactions like cooking demos, fitness activities and work-at-home tips give you the opportunity to inform, reassure and boost morale across your organization.

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  • Inspire team members to reach out and support each other

  • Let employees know they’re valued and listened to

  • Offer positive reinforcement and recognition for achievements

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Key Points

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  • Share updates on progress adapting to your next normal and other news

  • Provide useful health and wellness tips

  • Host live tutorials on important topics such as stress management, healthy
    cooking, and best practices for working from home


When physical distancing, explore new ways to come together

Rise & Thrive

Employee engagement platforms enhance personal relationships and create safe spaces for teams to share, learn and thrive.

  • Increase attractiveness as an employer

  • Connect with individuals across your organization

  • Facilitate relationship building while observing physical distancing

  • Create a more vibrant corporate community and culture