Energy Management

Strengthen performance, achieve climate change goals, and improve quality of life.

Make Your Spaces Work Better

As you reassess your existing energy management efforts, consider evolving space usage or begin to seriously assess it for sustainability, potential savings, and optimization, Sodexo can help. Effectively managing your energy usage can increase efficiency, significantly reduce utility costs and boost the impact of sustainability programmes whilst also extending asset lifecycles.

Our global expertise and local focus create the perfect combination of big ideas and practical assessment and implementation to ensure you’re getting the most from your energy budget while shrinking your carbon footprint, without sacrificing productivity.

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  • Compliance with regulatory requirements

  • Unique, fully funded energy offerings
    resulting in cash positive savings from day one 

  • Extended asset lifecycles through efficient running and performance-enhancing solutions

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Key Points

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Monitoring and

Performance and
Cost Savings

  • Targeted approach to monitoring and reporting resulting in controlled energy usage

  • Accurate data collection for cost visibility allowing for energy project business case creation and informed decision-making 

  • Root cause analytics programs for continuous improvement

Monitoring and Targeting

Our site surveys and detailed site audits ensure better energy management and reduced costs

One Partner for Everything You Need

Sodexo simplifies and optimizes your energy management programs, providing you with a single source for all the consultation, creation, and continual improvement services you need to achieve your goals for today and scale your potential for tomorrow.

  • On-site partner able to execute your energy management program

  • Comprehensive experience & expertise 

  • Consulting capability in energy procurement and utility expense management to maximise cost savings and switch to green renewable energy sources