Disinfection and Cleaning

Delivering a Powerfully Effective Clean

Regulation infection prevention and disinfection procedures are essential to reduce exposure risk for the people you serve, whether they are employees, residents, students or their families. Our consultative and comprehensive approach to disinfection and cleaning promotes the health and peace of mind of the individuals who drive your business’s success.

Your dedicated Sodexo team will help you assess your disinfection needs based on a risk assessment, establishing a frequency of cleaning, complete inspections to report on cleanliness and perform deep cleaning and disinfection for high-risk areas (such as washrooms, living areas, bedrooms, cafeterias, front desk, etc). We also help you prevent transmission between employees and residents with the right guidance on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and training.

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Key Points

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Touch Points Cleaning

Deep Cleaning and Disinfection

Hygiene Testing and Reporting

Infection Prevention

Comprehensive Disinfection

Whether it’s a preventative measure or reactive to a case of infection, our disinfection programmes help reduce the overall level of contamination in the facility and maintain minimal contamination levels.

  • Benefits from area-specific protocols to use the right hazardous products and processes to fight against the contamination

  • Quickly assess the effectiveness of the facilities sanitation efforts through ATP monitoring or blacklight tests

  • Results of those inspections to be reported in our Site Management System

Deep Cleaning and Disinfection

High Risk

spatial disinfecting, deep cleaning & disinfecting, hygiene testing, facility hygiene solutions

Medium Risk

spatial disinfecting, deep cleaning and disinfecting, facility hygiene solutions

Low Risk

touchpoints disinfecting and facility hygiene solutions

Establish Disinfection Solution for Every Level of Risk

Protocols rooted in microbiology reduce acquired infections by
up to 50%

Best Enterprise-Wide Transformation Project: OPEX 2020

"We provide visibility and transparency of disinfecting operations with our award-winning Site Management System"

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