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Empower your people to do more in the workplace with less risk of infection.

Limit Exposure Risk & Enhance Convenience

In the workplace of the next normal, strategic deployment of digital technology is critical for optimising daily employee experiences. Using employee-facing digital applications for on-site food orders and contactless payment for on-site retail locations is the smart way to limit infection exposure risks while enhancing personal convenience.

Sodexo offers a variety of scalable apps that can help you make it easier for your employees to take care of business while taking care of themselves. Our apps are user-friendly, can be used on mobile and stationary devices and integrate seamlessly into your workplace culture. Already use retail and services apps? Our experts can help you improve performance to increase employee engagement and satisfaction.

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  • Simplify purchasing process

  • Give employees more control over payment options

  • Comply with physical distancing guidelines

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Contactless Payment


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Contactless Payment

  • Reduce interpersonal contacts at retail locations

  • Enhance convenience for grab-and-go items

  • Introduce new retail opportunities to improve workplace

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With our digital apps, you can set
up loyalty rewards programmes

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As you define your next normal, give your people access to useful digital tools that enhance their work-life experiences, and protect their wellbeing.

  • Conveniently place orders from onsite dining locations

  • Manage pickup or delivery options

  • Earn loyalty program rewards for orders


for your employees and receive actionable feedback for continuous improvement initiatives.