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Offered in conjunction with our digital ordering,
click and collect and payment apps, our sealed and safe food options create a contactless experience that doesn’t sacrifice a great experience.

Delivering food they want, when they want it

As the world adjusts to a next normal, employees work to manage their health and adjust to new workplace processes and expectations. With Sodexo’s broad offerings of convenient and healthy meal and snack options, you can facilitate faster and easier access to delicious, nourishing food choices that create an exceptional food experience at a proper physical distance.

Our carefully crafted menus include pre-packaged foods that put the power of choice in the hands of the people you serve. Whether they crave comfort food, adventurous flavours or healthy meals and snacks, we have options available all day.

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  • Menus balance nutrition with enticing flavours, making healthy choices indulgent

  • Share information about the positive benefits achieved by making healthy decisions

Healthy Balance with Mindful


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Convenience with
Simply to Go

Signature Menus with
Love of Food

Healthy Balance with

  • Featured recipes by celebrity chefs and signature chefs from around the world

  • Wide selection of menu options, all inspired by a passion for food

Signature Menus with Love of Food

Deliver fresh, delicious, innovative food every day

Signature Experiences That Are Sure To Impress

Our meal programmes offer freshly packaged food that can be available any time of day, with a wide range of food options. And our and on-site dining options bring unique flavors from some of the top culinary names.

  • Sealed, safe and freshly packaged

  • Choose from comfort food, adventurous flavours or healthy meals and snacks

Convenience with Simply to Go