Contactless Services for a Safer Environment

96% of presidents anticipate re-engineering operational processes as a result of COVID-19

Getting Back to the Business of Living

As businesses rise to greet the possibilities of a positive new normal, contactless workplaces and facilities become a vital method of minimizing potential health risks and helping the confidence and productivity of everyone you serve, whether they’re employee, students, visitors or customers. By implementing programmes across your organisation that encourage physical distancing, use digital services and promote hygienic practices, you can illustrate your company or organisation’s focus on wellbeing.

With Sodexo’s unique capabilities and resources, we have created a complete range of services to help you transform your workspace – from disinfection to safety services, convenient meals, rethought reception and access controls as well as space optimization. Understanding all the dimensions of your environment and rethinking the delivery of the services to develop the next normal is an essential element to drive confidence.

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  • Circulation and interactions throughout the area to be rethought

  • Multiple contacts to be avoided in all
    parts of the environment

  • Alternative solutions proposed to
    reengineer services

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Understanding Flows and Touch Points


Key Points

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Physical Distancing

Digital Services

Understanding Flows & Touch Points

  • Use technology to remove physical contacts

  • Offer touchless transactions using digital wallet

  • Connect virtually with engaging online meetups

Digital Services

Helping you establish the next normal

Limiting Exposure, Building Confidence

When you rise with Sodexo, you benefit from our systematic and comprehensive approach to a safe, healthy and productive environment. Based on a risk assessment of your business’s unique requirements and needs, we propose contactless services to further enhance the safety at reception, cafeterias, workspaces, washrooms and beyond. The combination of our expertise is the promise that we’ll design a tailor-made solution adapted to your specificities.

  • Floor signage to help maintain 2 meter/6 foot distances

  • Limit number of individuals permitted in meeting and working spaces

  • Implement sneeze guards at reception and points of interaction

Physical Distancing

Verify the Safety of Your Operations

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